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The solid state drive (SSD) is like a fast hard disk drive (HDD) with no moving parts. Many SSDs can be used as direct replacements for mechanical hard drives, although usually with a capacity restriction. They are better suited to notebooks, netbooks and Ultrabooks because capacities in these tend to be lower than in desktop …


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Preaching to the converted....

My friend has a netbook and it is getting slow as hell. I tried to convince him to buy an SSD but he still insists on buying a new notebook instead. I emailed him this article but he drew a blank. What's he going to do with access time or read/write cycles?

I doubt he will ever come across this article which should be titled; "How to convince your friend to upgrade to SSD".

In that respect you might want to put in some graphs which details about Windows boot time, movie copying and browser start speed. I think most of us here already know the benefits but it is our friends who need convincing!

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