back to article Storage company bribed bankers to win fat contracts - Feds

FalconStor bribed banking executives with gambling, golf, stock and gifts to get $12.2m of business. That's what led to the founder's ousting, fines and a deferred prosecution agreement. The US Department of Justice says: One JPMorgan Chase executive received 25,000 FalconStor stock options and 40,000 restricted FalconStor …


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Is this a surprise? There maybe many many bankers on the verge of being held at HM's pleasure.

Damn I forgot, the Governments all endorsed it, until it went wrong.

Now in the UK be have a Parlimentary investigation into the banks led by chancers, spivs and expenses cheats. Will we really get an honest answer?


On this side of the pond...

Hmm if I were a Libertarian, I'd say this was a perfectly legitimate function of the free enterprise system right?

Of course I'm not a Libertarian and I see things like this as perfect examples of why we actually have a (albietly poorly) regulated market.

Anonymous Coward

I didn't know...

that FalconStor was owned by EMC :).

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