back to article Red Hat snaps up open source SOAer FuseSource

A bunch of open-source Apache projects relating to application integration and messaging protocols have found what will very likely be their final commercial home, as Red Hat has just bought the FuseSource subsidiary of Progress Software. FuseSource is a major contributor to a number of different Apache projects and …


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I can only hope that this would make it a whole lot easier to setup, configure and manage. The joys of writing horrible config files in convoluted XML can only be tolerated for so long.

IMHO the only ESB worse in this area than Fuse is WS02. Three of us really tried to get this working late last year but it was an experience I really don't want to repeat especially coming right after evaluating Fuse.

It might be ok as a basic ESB but trying to get it to use a service registry was a real nightmare.

Whatever happens, RH have a lot of work ahead of them to blend/merge this into JBOSS/ESB (or whatever it is called this week).

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The General Service Vehicle "Lots of Boxes On This Slide" is entering subspace!

I should really get interested in these things but that slide looks a wee bit crowded. On the other hand, the words indicate that the boxes indicate "wishful attributes" which may or may not be encountered in real life. How do they manage to stitch up stuff from various developer cultures together and still make sense afterwards? Shouldn't one just keep things simple? I have spent a good part of my life trying to heal wobbling boxes-withing-boxes, configuring obscure elements and scripting around "one-click deployments". Oh my god.

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