back to article UK net-biz cleanup squad plans to establish international operations

The Internet Watch Foundation has made improvement of international co-operation a key objective in the next phase of its fight against the online distribution of child abuse content. Establishing an international arm to fight paedophile content is at the centre of the Internet Watch Foundation’s (IWF) new three-year strategy …


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One percent of what, all detected, all there is in the UK,all there is in the world, all of that in the imagination of IWF. I'm sure they do a good job, but I just don't like unsubstantiated statistics.

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Re: statistics

They say they were alerted to 13,100 cases of child porn last year and 200 were in the UK, which rounds down to 1%. I'd guess that's what they meant.


Good way to solve a problem

Make sure that nobody can see it. Swipe it under the carpet, give yourself a medal. Job done. Then export the "solution" to seek international medals (and funding). Oh, what's that smell?


"The vast majority...

"... more than 12,900, involved content hosted outside the UK"

Shh! Don't let Theresa May hear you saying that, she needs the "Paedos and Criminals and Terrorists Oh My" arguments to justify introducting more ridiculous laws to control the interwebs in this country...


Hiding the problem does not make it go away!!!!

This ass backwards thinking has always pissed me off soo much. Hiding it from the general population does not eliminate the problem, nor does it slow production. Go out and catch the scum bags who make the crap, cut the supply, and you can stop the problem. Those who want to get it can and still will, and this has always been the case. Hiding it does not stop the kidnappings, the rapes, the abuse, it only makes the politicians look good. Instead of hiding it, how about they deal with it and quit being lazy. For every 10 sites you block, 100 more pop up, not to mention TOR, and DNSless sites(ip address access only, no DNS listings), thus, this is more show than anything else. cops are getting lazier and lazier all the damn time.

Anonymous Coward

Not that meanignfull

This is just based on the IWF's opinion of what are "bad" images. I'm sure in many cases they probably are but I've also seen a lot of hysteria in the UK media so I strongly suspect these figures are incorrect and may well be a funding exercise in disguise.

As a previous poster says, removing the images alone isn't solving the problem.

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