back to article Red Hat hits the top and bottom numbers in fiscal Q1

Everybody seems to be a bit jumpy about the global economy these days, and Red Hat will be giving Wall Street a case of the jitters when the market opens on Thursday even though it exceeded its revenue and profit targets in its first quarter of fiscal 2013. In the period ending May 31, Red Hat's support contract subscriptions …


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Anonymous Coward

37 / 1350 mln

= less than 3%

be worried.

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Re: 37 / 1350 mln

I'd be very worried, except for the fact that you're dividing *quarterly* net income by *annual* revenue. Which is a bit silly.

"Total revenues were $314.7m, rising 18.9 per cent, and net income was $37.5m, up 15.4 per cent."

You should be dividing 37.5 into 314.7. Which is, oh, solidly north of 10%.

Admittedly, the last paragraph seems confusing. Presumably the 1.32-1.34 billion range is for annual revenue, not quarterly. There's no way we're making 1.3bn per quarter (yes, we, I work for Red Hat, do take this into account as the numbers I pulled straight out of the article.)

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Re: Re: 37 / 1350 mln

Last graph last sentence was completed screwed up. Fixed now.

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