back to article Swinburne flicks switch on $AU3 million GPU

Swinburne University has brought a new 120 teraflop GPU-based supercomputer from SGI to help cope with astronomers' ever-increasing need for lots of computing power. The 636 Intel GPU, 121 NVIDIA GPU, quad-InfiniBand machine, gSTAR, is one of just six similar grunt-boxes in Australia. The power boost over Swinburne’s previous …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Planet, schmanet.

    Their real goal is to play fully maxed out Crysis 1 on 120 fps.

    <quickly scurries off>

  2. crashatau

    IVEC in Melbourne...?

    Did IVEC get moved to Melbourne recently? That would require a large fork lift and truck.

    IVEC is in Western Australia.... silly sausages.

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