back to article Start to finish: Building a cloudy service in two weeks

Wading through Microsoft's private cloud offerings has been a bit of a slog for me. My background is mostly VMWare and my experience of providing web services is largely Lamp-based. A major element in Microsoft's play is the concept of services, and an outsider looking to learn the details of how these work may face a wall of …


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Anonymous Coward

What a load of poo this whole article is, much like this comment but more of it.

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Billions of years of evolution of life on this planet, and we get you.


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He/She/It is an Anonymous Coward. There is a non-zero possibility they evolved elsewhere. Or that they are an AI. Maybe it is not "billions of years of evolution" but rather "introduce AI development courses to undergraduate Computer Science programs, and we get you."

Maybe it runs on a private cloud and are irritated at having to face the horror of its own mortality simplicity and the likelihood that the individual components that underpin its cloudy self will succumb to entropy ~5minutes after the warrantee expires.

Who knows? But speculation is fun!

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