back to article Speaking in Tech: Dell loves acquired firms like 'adopted kids'

speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise The crew at our enterprise tech-cast pushed past the storage crowds yesterday at the Dell Storage Forum in Boston to bring Reg readers a special recording of Speaking in Tech. Greg Knieriemen, cloud and storage expert Ed Saipetch and new media ace Sarah Vela recorded the …


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Anonymous Coward

Dell are big in Ireland aren't they?

As I recall there were lots of kids in Ireland that were adopted by quasi-state insitutions.

Didn't work out so well for a number of them, if the papers are to be beleived. Lets hope the little guys do better.

I'll not name the institutions in the hope that they've improved now and to avoid any risk of excommunication, which on reflection is a term that could also apply to my mail servers.


Adopted kids...

Aren't they the ones usually abused by their step-parents? Snow White, Cinderella, etc?

The one with the copy of Grimm's fairy tales in the back pocket, thanks.

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