back to article Europe crams ultra-fast 4G into tight spectrum crack

Euro telecoms regulator CEPT has released 120MHz of shiny new radio spectrum for "ultra-fast mobile broadband", which would be more impressive if the bands weren't full of reasonably fast data already. The frequencies concerned are around 2.1GHz and are already full of 3G networking everywhere - but a handful of operators are …


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ha ha

120MHz is enough for 6 x 20MHz channels, a minimum for sensible LTE.

So they ALL need to pool the spectrum and have a single RAN

To avoid interference each mast needs 3 channels, each in a different direction so two neighbouring masts are on different frequencies.

In exposed rural areas the coverage may be too great so the mast beyond the neighbour mast needs the other 3 channels (increasingly so as you go 1800MHz and then 900MHz). In Urban areas on 2.1, or 2.5 you need all 6 channels to double the capacity..

The GSM 900MHz and Digital dividend 800MHz should be used as one band.

FDD is good. Far superior to TDD. Perhaps it doesn't need as much spectrum for uplink. But voip and skype video needs symmetric.



I wonder if the agreement announced on Friday between Voda and O2 includes sharing spectrum - in the articles I've read, the journotards just suggest 'base stations' and 'antennas'. However, if they do combine frequency allowances, then this just leaves 'Three' flapping in the wind with only the ongoing agreement with EverythingEverywhere to hope for.


I don't care

Because access to 4G will be even more expensive than the heroically priced 3G here in France, and I don't have any body parts I am prepared to sell to gain access.

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