back to article Pure pushes AirPlay enabled audio box

Pure rolled out the red carpet for Apple AirPlay last week with the Contour 200i Air, which supports the Wi-Fi share tech for streaming music without the need to continuously dock. Pure Contour 200i Air The Contour 200i Air connects to a home Wi-Fi system and shares network settings with any iOS device placed in the dock, …


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Dock blocking

I'm very tempted by this (or the Revo K2), but with all the talk of the next iPhone having a smaller dock connector, I'll be holding off for now.

Anonymous Coward

SO just to be clear on this.

When Sony does "proprietary" formats like 1.44MB FD, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, that's bad.

When Apple does real proprietary formats like AirPlay, QuickTime and such when there are already established alternatives, that's OK...

Just so we are clear and all... I'm having a bit of trouble following that logic.

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