back to article Samsung 'to launch Galaxy S III in US', snubs Apple's ban bid

Samsung has said that its Galaxy S III smartphone will launch in the US, despite Apple's attempts to get it banned. The fruity firm moved to tack the S III onto its preliminary injunction request against the Galaxy Nexus smartphone on Tuesday in its second California court lawsuit. A hearing on the Nexus is scheduled for today …


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  1. Big_Ted

    "Cupertino also admitted that the S III had the potential to harm it a lot more than the Nexus had done because of the reported pre-sale numbers for the latest Galaxy smartphone."

    They did not however admit they would be harmed as the Galaxy Siii makes the iphone look small and dated in comparison.

    Apple later begged the judge to ban all android smart phones from the USA and to wait till the iphone 5 was released so they could at least have a product that was technically good even if the OS was looking dated......

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Not my choice but..

      Anyone can see that this phone will be a success.

      The only flaw, and it is a personal opinion, I have found it too big for me and I feel that it is taking me back to my first mobile phone a Nokia in 1996.

      Like my women, I prefer them smaller!

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      This is not about stopping the sale of a phone, it is about getting royalties for the patents you hold. And they are, without exception all doing it to each other.

      There are no innocent parties anywhere.

      1. hazydave


        Apple isn't interested in licensing out their patents -- they very much want to use their patents to block competitive products.

    3. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      Less of the bile, please

      The SIII is innovative in so many ways that stand out from the crowd including Apple. I, along with many, think the size might deter a few but other things like "picture in picture" and intelligent use of the webcam will definitely sell.

      Apple has fantastic products and very distinctive styling: the minimalist design of just glass and steel of the Iphone 4 is chic. As long as they can continue to produce such wonderful things, they needn't worry too much about the competition but should respond to the challenge by being even better. I'm not convinced they are doing this.

      The recent spate of lawsuits reminds me of Yahoo's recent salvo against world + dog in a feeble attempt to prop up the share price.

  2. g e

    Stupid Apple

    The US phone isn't the same as the UK phone, different CPU for a start isn't it? So crapple are basing a US ban on a different device to what would be entering the US, surely?


    1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      Re: Stupid Apple

      That, and the fact that the court may well decide again that it doesn't have the jurisdiction.

      Fire the lawyers, Apple, and spend the money on more innovation.

      1. g e

        Re: Stupid Apple

        @Charlie - Damned right.

  3. Oli 1


    The only people that win are lawyers and consumers have even more conflicting information about devices, end result people hold off from buying. Obviously not the likes of early adopters but Gen pop, definitely.

  4. WonkoTheSane

    It's a good job the USPTO wasn't this stupid 100 years ago...

    If it were, Edison would have been able to patent "Using electricity to power a device".

    1. Darryl

      Re: It's a good job the USPTO wasn't this stupid 100 years ago...

      ...then Apple could patent "Using electricity to power a device on a mobile device".

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: It's a good job the USPTO wasn't this stupid 100 years ago...

      And Edison probably would have tried too!

      1. soldinio

        Re: It's a good job the USPTO wasn't this stupid 100 years ago...

        Tesla > Eddison

  5. Darryl

    "Samsung was also peeved that Apple waited until just days before the hearing to try to get the S III onto the injunction request, saying that it had announced the product a month ago and Cupertino hadn't said a word about it until now."

    Well, of course. Apple wasn't concerned about the new Galaxy until they saw the pre-order numbers and realized that the S3 was REALLY making the iPhone look like an antique and consumers were ordering the new, exciting phone in huge numbers. They then fell back on their usual business method - If it works better than ours, litigate and hope to get it banned.

    1. David 164 Bronze badge

      or get delayed long enough for Apple to copy its innovations.

      1. Jedit

        "or get delayed long enough for Apple to copy its innovations"

        ... then claim they did it first and file a patent infringement suit.

        1. toadwarrior

          Re: "or get delayed long enough for Apple to copy its innovations"

          Yeah they'll copy the design. You know, release the 3GS but in white.

    2. g e


      We've known about the 10M preorders for a month or more, too!


    apple give it a rest

    OK seriously this is like children in a playground but hey wait a minute it was apple who started this patent spat in the first place god knows how many patents there is it must be at least 30 surely. i have to say i have fallen in love with the galaxy s 3 its fab device well done Samsung i ant got one though i am tempted i have got nothing against Samsung or there products. there king of the smartphone world now, and if apple don't like they know what they can do that's pack up and die

  7. honkhonk34

    My message:

    Go Samsung!

    It's always fun to watch the expression of the biggest bully in the playground when people get wise to their tactics.

  8. Bob Vistakin

    Apparently the iPhone 5 has "cleaner UI" and "auto-updating apps"

    Plus a larger screen. Way to innovate, Apple. For a sneak preview on how all this works out, check any Android handset from a couple of years ago.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Apparently the iPhone 5 has "cleaner UI" and "auto-updating apps"

      Wonder how long before they invent widgets for the home screen. I can see the ads now about their magical new invention.

    2. scarshapedstar

      Re: Apparently the iPhone 5 has "cleaner UI" and "auto-updating apps"

      I hear that Siri is also about to retroinnovate™ straightforward voice commands that are actually useful, e.g. "navigate to 2200 Main Street".

    3. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Apparently the iPhone 5 has "cleaner UI" and "auto-updating apps"

      Well they stole Android's notifications in iOS5, I wonder if they will steal Android's widgets in iOS6..

      By about iOS11, iOS might be almost as good as Android 2.3

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Re: Apparently the iPhone 5 has "cleaner UI" and "auto-updating apps"

        And maybe by then, manufacturers will have finally updated their handsets to ICS...

  9. feanor

    Don't need a new phone but I'm quite tempted to buy one anyway, cos Apple gets up my nose....

    1. g e
      Thumb Up


      The people I know who've tried an SGS3 are gobsmacked by it, apparently it's not just 'rather quick' but 'instant' response as far as UI response goes and that was from an IT guy who knows what 'latency' is ;o)

      Mind you, quad-core 1.6GHz - you'd bloody well hope it had a 'prompt' interface response!

      Might get one next week as I'm due an upgrade from VodafOne2 though I may hold on till the blue ones are shipping, if I can, don't really want white.

      1. MrXavia
        Thumb Up

        Re: SGS3

        I have one and instant is an accurate description, the interface is smooth!

        I feel very lucky to have a blue SGS3, even if I did have to wait an extra week!

      2. Return To Sender
        Thumb Up

        Re: SGS3

        The blue ones are shipping now. Got mine Wednesday, a mate's arrived from Vodafone today. It's certainly slick; taken me a short while to get used to the Android way of things (it's my first Android device) but well in to it now. The big screen is sweet and the whole 'phone is actually not much bigger than the S2 overall.

        Won't say everything's perfect out of the box - a couple of Samsung apps (the hub espec) kept crashing, but as they aren't ones that stop me working, just bloatware really, I'm not worried. And having applied updates it seems to have stopped happening anyway.

        Be afraid, Apple, be very afraid...

      3. Jason Hindle Bronze badge

        Re: Gobsmacked indeed

        Got mine last week after 30 months of super happy iPhone 3GS ownership. The Galaxy S3 is indeed most impressive, if a little large. I'm as gobsmacked as the next owner.

        Apple should feel threatened but I think its time they responded with innovation instead of lawyers. I'm sure there are real, actual patent infringements but looking at what Apple borrowed when it launched iOS 5, they can hardly plead innocence.

  10. J. R. Hartley Silver badge


    Can I just take this chance to say I really, really, really, really despise Apple and can't wait until karma hits them hard. Complete assholes!!

  11. sueme2


    I just bought a 50" plasma TV for about what one of these toy screens cost. However a bird, who knows about these things, and owns a iThing, wants a Galaxy III. "want" is too weak a word... More of a lust, or a drive. There is why the fruitcakes are shitting themselves. The iThings are yesterday's children. To add to the gloom, the G.IIIs are sold out. It looks like Samsung have nailed it. Message: go short on Apple.

  12. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    The [Apple/Samsung] is better than the [Samsung/Apple] you own now

    Does Apple or Samsung actually have any worthwhile upgrades to release? It seems to me that they both released half-assed products last year and have both decided to move on rather than help their ailing customers. It's like the American political system where we forever alternate between two parties, thinking that we're teaching one a lesson by electing the other. The SIII and iPhone 5 aren't worthy of so many news articles.

    1. Dcope

      Re: The [Apple/Samsung] is better than the [Samsung/Apple] you own now

      Id say the galaxy note released last year wasnt half assed, i was tempted to wait for the S3 but having used my note for a couple of months it fits the bill just right for me and it still has a larger screen than the s3, and as i get used to it even the spen is starting to get regular use.

      1. g e

        Re: The [Apple/Samsung] is better than the [Samsung/Apple] you own now

        The note was really nice, too big for a phone though, imho.

        1. Dcope
          Thumb Up

          Re: The [Apple/Samsung] is better than the [Samsung/Apple] you own now

          I got big hands, from 1 to = key on my keyboard tip of little finger to tip of thumb

          1. wowfood

            Re: The [Apple/Samsung] is better than the [Samsung/Apple] you own now

            I have tiny hands, size s glove. I can also go from 1 to = key tip of finger to tip of drum. Hand spand and hand size aren't the same. And that's just my right hand, my left hand reaches from covering the tilde key to the tip just covering backspace.

            Not sure why the hand span on my left hand is so much bigger.

  13. Arctic fox

    You couldn't make it up.

    The US patents office has just granted Apple a broad patent on the wedge shape to "protect" the MBA. How it is even possible to patent a geometric shape known to the Babylonians is the most insane thing I have ever heard of.

    1. chr0m4t1c

      Re: You couldn't make it up.

      Yes, the USPO normally makes such sensible decisions.

      Oh, wait....

    2. toadwarrior

      Re: You couldn't make it up.

      I see you've been reading the sensationalist headlines rather than actually looking at the patent which doesn't even mention the word wedge and in fact cites prior similar art, like the sony viao (x505 I believe).

      It's a design patent for the macbook air. Not wedge shaped laptops nor would it stop anyone from having a wedge shaped laptop. It would stop you from making something that looks just like the macbook air.

      At least get your facts right if you're going to hate on Apple.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: You couldn't make it up.

        So you mean to tell me, this isn't to fight the Thinkpad X-series? Since when?

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    wouldn't it be nice if they release 2 versions of the phones? one for the-free-world that doesn't suffer from software patents, and another for the USofA market!

    Even it if just an experiment or a prototype. I would just love to see how a phone will be if it's designers didn't fear software patents vs the very same phone with missing features.

  15. Keith 17

    Are Apple shooting themselves in the foot?

    I wonder just how many people now want to buy an SIII because "Apple REALLY doesn't want me to have this, so it MUST be REALLY good"?

    Apple are providing excellent advertising for Samsung. As I said a while back, they might well be hoisting themselves with their own petard.

    1. g e

      Re: Are Apple shooting themselves in the foot?

      I know at least six people personally who are essentially saying 'Fuck Apple, they're like bloody crybabies, I so don't want anything to do with them any more' and going SGS3/OneX for their next phone.

      Probably doesn't help that I keep calling their phones CryPhones, either ;o)

      Plus others (mostly dev types to be fair) who're considering Transformer Primes for potential laptop replacements (including me) without even giving a thought to an apple tablet.

      1. toadwarrior

        Re: Are Apple shooting themselves in the foot?

        I manage to own an Android phone without being a fanboy about it. Life is better that way.

    2. Dcope

      Re: Are Apple shooting themselves in the foot?

      It is funny the shine on the apple is starting to fade, and not just in the mobile world either, a lot of people that have gulped the hype down for years are starting to realize that apple are just a company that makes products with just as many flaws as any other company, and not a way of life. There still seen as a status symbol for middle and upper management types but a lot of the ordinary folk who have now been trained by apple are looking around at the options available to them, and they are selecting the best from the alternatives Samsung, HTC and Motorola. nokia has lost the ball so much it’s sad.

      1. g e

        Re: Are Apple shooting themselves in the foot?

        Yeah shame about Nokia though I spose it's largely of their own doing by ploughing the wrong furrow

        Still have a 6230 upstairs somewhere which'd I'd expect to work perfectly if I charged it. Oh, and it can 'see' phone numbers in SMS messages, too.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Are Apple shooting themselves in the foot?

          > and it can 'see' phone numbers

          Indeed, this has been a feature of nokia phones since my first in 1997(ish) a 6110.

          My next phone will be an SIII in blue.

  16. hazydave

    And their patents suck...

    Haven't found the specific patents yet, but there are only two they're holding against the Galaxy III. One is "slide to unlock".. pretty stupid. And I think Google got a patent on "slide one to unlock, the other way to launch a camera app", equally stupid, but I'm sure that made Apple angry they didn't think of it first.

    The other is "unified search", apparently what SIRI does. Which, far as I can tell, is also what Android has ALWAYS done. On my OG Droid in 2009, I could enter a term, which got searched on the phone or online, or speak "call Liz mobile" to the search widget, and it figured out that I wanted to call my wife. I'm not even suggesting that Apple's patent is invalid here (despite the total stupidity of these software patents in general), just that everything an Android phone does must be considered prior art. Unless, perhaps, Apple didn't disclose their knowledge of Android when filing the SIRI patent... which would be a very bad thing for that patent.

    And in fact, Google's always worked this way. The Chrome browser has a single bar for everything, URLS or search. Google maps takes a single line and figures it out, or say the right thing in a main-page Google search, and you get the map result. And this was out before Apple even started working on the iPhone.

    1. chr0m4t1c

      Re: And their patents suck...

      Unified search is not what SIRI does, unified search is where you use one search box to search all of the phone and online. Before we had unified search, you had to specify if you wanted to search online or in your contacts or diary or whatever.

      iOS unified search pre-dates Android unified search because it was in the OS when it launched in 2007, almost two years before the first Android handset hit the market (HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1, October 2008). And yes, I'm well aware that Android development started in 2005, but iOS development started in 2001; without inside knowledge you can't say which one had unified search first.

      Speaking to your phone, usually called voice control, was also a feature of iOS from the early days, but was also available on Nokia handsets in the 1990s.

      SIRI is not Apple's product, they bought the company in 2010. SIRI is described as a "mobile assistant", which is meant to process natural language, so instead of just being able to say "call Fred" like any other voice control system (including the one already built into iOS), you can say things like "Where am I meeting Fred?" and it will find the diary entry, and *then* you can say "call him" or "text him" and it will 'understand' that you are talking about Fred (that's the clever bit).

      This is what a lot of people don't appear to understand judging by the number of "but I can already ask my phone to call someone" and "Apple are claiming to have invented voice commands" comments I see.


      Google bought Aardvark (which is supposed to work in a similar fashion) around the same time, but don't seem to have done much with it yet.

      Oh, and I think you'll find that Google launched Chrome on September 2, 2008, which is usually considered to be after January 2007, so it was not out before Apple started developing the iPhone. Not only that, but Google introduced the first voice search into the BlackBerry version of Google Maps in mid 2008 and then added it to the iOS version in November 2008.

      Apple hating is all very well, but if you can't get at least some of your facts right you'll weaken your case.

      All of that aside, I don't think Apple's patent is valid, I remember wishing my Nokia had a unified search quite some time ago (well before the first iPhone launched), so I don't think it would pass the "non-obvious" test.

      On the other hand, slide to unlock is not something I remember seeing anywhere before iOS (I may be wrong), so while I would agree that it seems petty to patent it, I do think it is a non-obvious solution to the problem.


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