back to article Android Academy cashes in on tests for well-off devs

Developer portal The Android Academy has started issuing certificates to those who know their Nexus-6 from their Max 404, and are prepared to pay £150 to prove it. The Android Academy is a spin-off from software development house OTAMate, and has been offering registration and hookup services for Android developers since 2009 …


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Sure about that?

"...certainly can't hurt on a CV..."

Yes it can. Nothing says "lightweight" quite like a CV full of chaff.

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Certification means very little

I've interviewed people with Java certification who could rattle off every answer the certification required but if you asked them to solve a simple problem with code they couldn't do it. Therefore I really don't put too much weight on what certification someone has or not. I'd be more interested in what their existing experience was and how competently they could answer some curve ball questions about their skills.

That is not to say certification would actually hurt their prospects but it really wouldn't do them a huge amount of good either.

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Re: Certification means very little

As I wrote on Wikipedia once:

A while back I was called in to fix a Windows WAMP server that had been hacked. The Administrator had left mysql with no root password, phpmyadmin in the obvious place, left remote desktop on and had a password that was six letters long and easily guessable... but he was a Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

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nice website!

The site, particularly the timeline, is scam-level dreadful. It's fun to click on their "Valid XHTML and CSS" links and see the reams of errors displayed.

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