back to article Napster duo launch Airtime to reinvent videoconferencing

Shaun Fanning and Sean Parker have reunited to launch Airtime, a videoconferencing system that links in with Facebook to hopefully eliminate one handed users. Airtime is an application designed to work with Facebook users to let people videoconference with people who share similar interests. At a star-studded launch in New …


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  1. Jeebus

    Someone got "Serendipity" on their word a day calendar.

  2. 142

    They're reinvented MPlayer

    When not playing Red Alert or Quake II on it, I used to love jamming and playing music with people around the world in the music communities on there - it was like one big Open Mic venue... even though everyone in the rooms could talk at the same time and no-one knew each other, it really worked very well.

    This Airtime thing sounds like they have their heart in the right place - linking people with the same interest is the key - looking forward to trying it out...

  3. MacRat

    We can't think of anything original and new

    Whatever will we do?

    Let's create something redundant and tie it to Facebook so hopefully Suckerberg will buy us.

  4. ratfox Silver badge


    Talk to people on the subway?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "to hopefully eliminate one handed users"

    I guess that's what the moderators are for...

  6. ABee


    Read on the BBC that "Sean Parker's Airtime video chat service suffers glitchy launch" so thought I'd pop over here to get El Reg's hilarious take on the less than slick lauch and....nothing!

    You lot got shares in this venture or did the BBC over egg the pudding?

    1. ABee

      Re: Shame

      sed 's/lauch/launch/' - first coffee not kicked in yet!

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