back to article Cloudera herds new bacon-saving Hadoop stack

In advance of the Cloud Expo in New York next week, commercial Hadoop distributor Cloudera got the jump on its rivals HortonWorks and MapR Technologies by kicking out a new release of its Cloudera Distribution for Apache Hadoop – CDH for short – and the related Cloudera Manager tool for making the Hadoop elephant, er, stand on a …


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  1. elicollins

    Hadoop version

    CDH4 is based on Apache Hadoop 2.0.0 alpha, it also includes a number of enhancements and fixes above and beyond that release that will be available in subsequent Hadoop 2.x releases. Hadoop 2.0 was formerly known as Hadoop 0.23, and the CDH4 beta releases were based on Hadoop 0.23, but CDH4.0 (GA) is not. Thanks, Eli

This topic is closed for new posts.

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