back to article Samsung set to roll with betting apps

Australian interactive TV application developer Two Way is set to deploy its betting application across Samsung’s range of internet-enabled TVs, smartphones, tablets, Blu-ray players and home theatre systems. Two Way has finalised exclusive deals with two of Australia's biggest wagering operators, Sportingbet Australia, and …


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Its about time!

I've had several Samsung phones for the last 6 - 8 years now (from cellphone to smartphone so to say) and I have to agree that this is the only thing where Samsung seems behind; the little extra's.

My last phone came with Route 66 free of charge which I considered a welcome extra (I became quite fond of this software). But in all fairness: this was more due to a limited / timed action than something "per design".

They're doing a great job though, don't get me wrong. When looking at my own phone (Windows Phone) they even managed to implement extra features which other Window phones don't seem to have. Stuff like being able to ignore anonymous callers, enable/disable key vibration feedback (when pressing 'back' or 'search' the phone quickly vibrates) and even being able to automatically set the screen brightness based on environment.

But when it comes to applications they're a bit behind. A 'Now' application which gets me the current weather, stocks and value ratings is fun. A navigation app. which Nokia provides free of charge could be a lot more appealing.

So I think it really is about time they'd catch up a little. Quite frankly I think Samsung has plenty of potential to make this happen.

For example; using my Samsung printer I can easily print stuff (pictures, e-mail, Office documents) straight from my phone. Better: if need be I can even scan something and have the results sent directly to my phone (or move it from the phone straight onto SkyDrive should the document become too large). All thanks to "Mobile Print". A Samsung app. which I favor very much.


I can only hope...

...that better heads prevail and this app doesn't come "bundled" with the new hardware. Because what you *really* want is for Mom and Dad Average to buy a new TV (for example) unaware of this little gem just waiting for Junior to find it.

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