back to article Asia needs US$1.1 trillion telco spend this decade to stay digital

Asia has been warned that it will need to invest USD $1.1 trillion in telecom infrastructure by the end of the decade in order to compete in the digital economy by Alcatel-Lucent Asia Pacific president Rajeev Singh-Molares. Speaking at the World Economic Forum on East Asia 2012 in Bangkok last week, Singh-Molares warned that …


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CEO of firm tells region they must spend $1.1 trillion on products his firm manufactures.

Clearly El Reg went to some lengths to find a completely unbiased source for this article.

Anonymous Coward

CEO tells people they must buy his products - shocker that

Reminds me of a meeting where a cloud sales guy was telling a VP and a couple of directors that 'the cloud is real, the cloud is here' and 'All the cool CIOs are doing this'. There were only a couple of people in the room that actually questioned their lack of bias. Just goes to show really....

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