back to article Dell's takeover talks with Quest stall

Dell has made no secret of its desire to build up a systems software business with a tidy recurring revenue stream and a broad portfolio of products with which it can peddle to enterprise customers. But every deal that Dell wants to do doesn't always happen, and this seems to be the case with its rumored interest in acquiring …


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Anonymous Coward

HP? That the kiss of death then

HP, given its past track record of purchases really does not know what to do with companies they buy. Integration into 'the HP way' takes forever or never happens at all. If it is the latter then that is AFAIK, a sure sign that the biz is going to be left to wither and die.

Look at the companies they have acquired in the past 10 years. Those busisness units that are still left are hardly setting the world of fire with their technology or services now are they?

Anon because I've seen it from the inside and far too many of my friends are still there hoping to survive until they too retire.

Silver badge

5 percent operating margin

Who wouldn't want to buy a software house with 5 percent operating margins?

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