back to article Amazon shops for mobile ad slinger to gobble – report

Amazon is apparently scoping out mobile ad companies with a view to boosting the ad revenue from its Kindle Fire as well as pushing adverts into its web properties. The news comes from Ad Age, which has been talking to the ever-present "people familiar with the talks" and reports that although Amazon hasn't fixed on Jumptap, …


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Anonymous Coward

Great...more shit to block

see title :-(

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As above...

Why would you *buy* a system designed to stuff adverts down your throat? Why would you use it?


It's easy to make things awkward for Amazon

All you need to do is send Amazon a Section 11 DPA98 request to cease processing your personal data for the purpose of direct marketing and they have to stop all forms of marketing to you or face prosecution by the Information Commissioner's Office.

This includes marketing by post, phone, e-mail, fax, text, and targeted advertising. More importantly, it also includes generic marketing banners that appear within your logged in account pages.

It won't remove all advertising... for example, advertising banners that appear when you are logged in via a cookie are unlikely to be directed at you personally. But once you proceed to the check-out and verify your credentials, then every page you view until you are logged out is being directed at you personally. The Information Commissioner's Office has clarified this.

Amazon would probably just cancel your account though to avoid having to comply. And apparently the ICO wouldn't have a problem with that.

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