back to article Acronis loses Australian General Manager

Backup software vendor Acronis has lost its General Manager for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. Karl Sice left the company in May to take up a new position as Head of Sales and IT Solutions at online stationer Staples. Acronis confirmed Sice's departure to The Register and said interviews for a replacement have …


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sorry to see the big fella disco out of the top job

It's a sad day for all involved with Acronis in Australia.

Sice was a genius with an exceptional track record in blue-chip companies.

Anonymous Coward

Aghast that the reign is over

Sice brought razzmatazz to the often boring topic of Disaster Recovery.

Let's hope he can liven-up the world of hole punches & paper shredders.

Party Rockers in the house tonight .... Everybody just have a good time.

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