back to article Big Blue flaunts scantily clad Xeon E3, E5 racks

Like all the other tier one server makers, IBM is ramping up shipments on the next wave of Xeon chips from Intel inside of its System x, BladeCenter, and Flex System machinery. Big Blue says the new machines will help fill in some gaps in its x86 system lineup, which previously had been exploited by rivals Hewlett-Packard and …


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why can't DELL do the same 25% memory speedup


IBM says that it has an edge over Dell's PowerEdge R820 racker in that it can safely overclock the memory in the System x3750 M4 by 25 per cent compared to Intel's own specifications using either RDIMM or LR-DIMM memory across all four memory channels on the E5-4600 sockets that have three sticks per channel.

Is this something that is preventing DELL from doing this ?

Both IBM and HP are claiming similar 25% speedup on their systems for the RDIMMs.

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