back to article Nvidia launches Nsight CUDA dev tools into Eclipse

Nvidia kicked off its GPU Technical Conference today by launching an updated version of its Nsight development platform that wraps around the CUDA compiler set and now interfaces with Eclipse-based integrated development environments. Nvidia also unwrapped updated versions of the Nsight tools that plug into Microsoft's Visual …


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CUDA kudos

I have a CUDA card for video editing (a Quadro). Bloody lovely it is as well, but the cost and the lack of support are maddening. It's like having a Ferrari and then only being able to drive it around town at 30mph.

Thing is the architecture needs to become widespread and cheaper. The benefits are obvious on software that can take advantage. But even among flashy Adobe software, only Premiere really takes advantage and even then its only a set amount of tools.

I've just downloaded CS6 from Adobe so I'm hoping there might be a slight improvement.

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I've not done any CUDA work but those tools sound really brilliant.

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Debugging thousands of threads simultaneously

Now there is an excuse for a HUGE monitor (or two, or three) if ever I heard one.

Seriously, nice toolkits are coming out for this kind of work. Much needed too, as parallel computing allows you to get things wrong MUCH quicker.

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