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Apple’s magnetic Smart Cover is very clever, but it’s far from perfect. For one thing, it doesn't protect the back of the iPad. And if you’re anything like me and habitually leave your iPad on a kitchen counter or table, you’ll have found that its not as immune from scratching as you might have thought. Knomo Folio iPad 3 case …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What's the inside like?

    Does it have a soft material on the inside where the iPad sits? That's pretty critical - some have hard plastic, and there's a big issue with that. Tiny bits of dust and grit get into it, and get trapped between the iPad and the case. Over time as it all moves about slightly, the bits of grit get ground into the metal and you end up with marks all over it. In that case you might as well not bother protecting the back.

  2. Sloping Shoulders

    Is it just me that thinks it insane that covers for the ipad and kindle cost £50 for no readily apparent reason? I mean seriously the Kindle cover costs virtually the same as the Kindle itself. And you can get Android tablets for not much more than this ipad cover.

    1. Some Beggar

      They charge £50 because people will pay £50. I think it's almost fair enough if you're paying a few hundred for a shiny fondleslab. Fancyschmancy Kindle covers are for eejits though.

      My daughter's cheaptasto-tablet is kept in a sock. It's quite a nice sock. Bamboo and elastene I think. It cost nearly three pounds but came with a free matching spare.

      (I've been keeping camera lenses in socks for years since I accidentally filled a 'proper' case with sand on a trip)

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Kindle Cover


        The kindle cover costs nearly 50 quid because it has an integrated light, which is powered off the battery in the kindle itself, so requires no additional power source. It's expensive, sure, but you're paying for that. Without that feature/gimmick (delete to taste), the kindle cases are £30. Which is still expensive IMO.

        Having said that, i bought the lighted case for my kindle 2 in a fit of feeling flush ... it's nice, but it's not THAT nice

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      A decent leather wallet could certainly cost you £30-60 - so it's not cheap but not outrageous either. Yes there are cheaper but this one seems very nicely made.

      Same thing you can get a pair of pumps for a few quid or spend £150-200 on a paid of well made leather shoes.

  3. D@v3


    seeing as most covers / cases for the iPad 2, fit the new iPad, due to the (very) slight difference in size. Can the same be said for iPad3 covers fitting the iPad2?

  4. Pavlov's obedient mutt


    "anyone who finds your lost iPad to return it"

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: bwaaaahahahahahahahahaha

      I would return it but then again I'm not a thief and would gain no benefit in using something that did not rightfully belong to me.

      Plus I'm also assuming Apple can track the serial numbers / deactivate the device.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Crucial question

    Does it replicate SmartCover functionality of putting iPad in sleep mode.

    Rather important I'd say.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Crucial question

      The description on their web site says:

      "Fully protective case with Sleeve/wake magnetic closure on flap"

  6. danielm

    What's the obsession with protecting the back?

    Do you sometimes take the iPad out of the case and spend a couple of hours staring lovingly at the shiny aluminium, making 'oooh' noises? The reviews of the iPad complained it was a couple of mm thicker than the last one, then the reviewers stick a bloody great case over it and double the thickness anyway. It seems a bit silly.

    The only point I can see in using this £50 case over the smart cover is to try to add £10 in value over a lightly scratched model on eBay in one or two years time. The second owner is the only person who will appreciate it, for the 20 seconds they have it out before putting it back in the case for ever more.

    1. Monkey

      Re: What's the obsession with protecting the back?

      Because when it gets dropped by someone it will have maximum protection. I'm not fussed about the back getting scratched personally but I sure as hell don't want it falling onto something that will take huge chunks out it, dent the back inwards onto components, break buttons off of the edges or smash the camera lens.

      I'd rather not have my tablet in a case at all but the bitter experience of mine and my friends over the years shows with all the devices owned shows to go for as much protection as possible that you can put up with in terms of the intrusion on your day to day use.

      It's preservation not vanity the reason people want the back protecting.

  7. The Envoy
    Thumb Up

    Case closed

    All we need now is a protective case to protect the protective case from damage and stains. Then yet another case to protect the case that protects the case. And so on, and so on....

  8. Mike Bell
    Thumb Up


    I just got one through the post. Very nice.

    The magnetic put the iPad to sleep when it's closed and wakes it up when it's opened.

    The inside material is soft.

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