back to article Optus CEO: Our ads pay for TV, so let TV Now live

Broadcasters should support, rather than opposing, Optus’ TV Now service, the carrier’s CEO believes, because Optus is a major TV advertiser. The company has apparently taken AFL boss Andrew Demetriou’s advice to “think very carefully" about challenging the company’s April TV Now loss in in the Federal Court, and decided it’s …


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The Optus CEO is supposed to be intelligent and a leader...not dumb and a are proposing bludging off the paying sponsor of the sport.

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The purpose of advertising ....

'Optus, as an entity that spends around A$30m a year on commercial TV advertising already helps fund television sport broadcasts, and that its customers should not have to “pay twice” to watch sports.'

Funny, but I'd always thought that the primary purpose of paid advertising was to get your name/product in front of the masses for the purposes of flogging goods or services. Nice work if you can achieve the double benefit of promoting ads featuring humourous cartoon animals AND giving your customers free Footy, but I suspect other stakeholders will not see it Optus' way.

A bit like going to the movies and wanting to get in free because you bought an ice cream at the 'Candy Bar' and hence helped fund the screening.

Magani : an entity who avoids the commercial channels wherever possible..

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