back to article Twitter turns to feature phones for world domination

Twitter has thrown a bone to users stuck with feature phones, odd and/or old browsers or low-bandwidth connections to the Net by updating its mobile webapp. And along the way it may also have made an important strategic move to capture users in the developing world. The new pictured below is said to require …


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the new site is my preferred way of connection on my N8. i hate using apps for things that have a perfectly good website.

no way to see a list of people you follow though. which is odd.

and i suspect the reduced data usage only happens if you turn of the images.

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"low-bandwidth web app"?

They deliver "up to 140 character" messages, but delivery on their website requires loading quite a bit more, and doesn't even display anything when javascript isn't enabled. Even then it often hangs and doesn't deliver.

Which is to say, I don't think I'd trust them reinvent sms in a sensible way on any phone. The idea isn't that bad in the loopy twodotoh way that substitutes for logic and/or common sense these days --they reinvented sms for the web, and now are bringing it back to the original sms platform-- but they'll be burning lots more bandwidth in the process, running up costs for the carriers, and possibly costing them sms revenue. Not sure if, on balance, the latter will be amused.


Re: "low-bandwidth web app"?

The mobile site seems to work fine without JS for me. Yeah, it's still many times the bandwidth of SMS no doubt, but it's nicely lightweight compared to most web sites.

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I've now bookmarked this on my mobile browser... for the few times I use Twitter.

The idea of "feature" phones is really out of date these days - on a technical analysis, both Nokia's Series40 and Samsung's Bada check all the boxes for being called "Smartphones" (especially if you accept the argument that any iOS version below 4 was a smartphone OS). Very soon, this distinction will be more a question of market positioning than technical ability.



Wasn't the whole point of twitter originally that you could use it via SMS? I know nobody does anymore, but isn't that functionality still there?


So its even quicker to tell your followers that you just had a shit!


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