back to article Samsung, Qualcomm team up to take on Wireless Consortium

Samsung is the promised power behind Qualcomm's relaunch of WiPower, with wireless charging coming for the SIII and the partners forming a new alliance around the technology in the hope of supplanting the nascent Qi standard and its Wireless Consortium backers. The "Alliance for Wireless Power", which likes to be known by the …


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Wireless charging is still a technology which people don't know they want

Important point that.

Sure wireless charging looks cool but when my Galaxy S battery dies unexpectedly in the office I like being able to ask who has a charger with them and use anyone's despite their phones being from Samsung, HTC, Blackberry or Apple. Ok almost anyone's charger, I can't use the iDevice ones.

Anonymous Coward

Shame, thought this could be the start of something good

Instead it's another round of Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD - ie. yet another pointless and futile format war that will delay the introduction of a single, universal wireless charging standard by another year or two.

Qualcomm and Qi Consortium - sort it out, for fucks sake.

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Anyone here know anything about these specs?

I'm curious about the "data channel to request a particular voltage" bit. If I understand right, the voltage at the output of the coil in the device being charged will be the ratio of the number of turns of the primary & secondary multipled by the primary voltage. However, the charger supports multiple devices, so what does it do when 1 requests a voltage the requires e.g. 20V in the primary, and another requests the equivalent of 4V?

Oh and before some wise-arse just tells me to use Google, my only net access for at least a week is a Galaxy note with a part-time, shared 32kbit link.

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