back to article VCs back P2P game booster

An advanced peer-to-peer networking technology, Scalify, developed over four years at National ICT Australia (NICTA) has secured $2million in VC funding as it ramps up its commercialisation. Scalify’s core technology, Badumna, improves the delivery of multi-player online applications, such virtual environments and online games …


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Anonymous Coward

tl;dr is... pay for the games AND our bandwidth.

Not happening here and any game which uses it gets deleted, just like the shit that used "Pando Media Booster".

If I'm providing bandwidth to deliver YOUR game content then if you think I'm paying for the game as well then you are quite delusional.


It's not the bandwidth that I have a problem with, it is the security.

We haven't even managed to solve the problem of hacked clients in games - cheating still happens. So this company thinks they have solved that problem 100% as well?

Cause if they haven't, effectively turning the clients into servers is asking for trouble IMHO.

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