back to article Rowdy clusters put to the grindstone by Grid Engine 8.1

The advent of virtualized and cloudy infrastructure has not diminished the need for scheduling software like Grid Engine. It's obvious just how necessary such schedulers are for orchestrating and aggregating capacity of server computing pools. That's the plan from Univa, the company that's providing a fork of the Grid Engine …


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Anonymous Coward

No love for open source forks?

Nice of the register to repeat, parrot fashion, Univa's marketing FUD (especially that ridiculous graph!) - but it seems a bit remiss to not even mention the two main open source forks:

Son of Grid Engine:

Open Grid Scheduler:

Anonymous Coward

UGE is open core and not open source

AFAIK UGE is open core only but not open source

and UGE really donot care about opensource community and

Univa want to make $$ just like Oracle want to make money with Oracle GE


Oracle has yet to decide what to do with OGE the group is part of OEM, but most Oracle products already has some job scheduler already

The OGE codes(very old) seems not to fit into other products easily

Also only few SGE developers are with Univa

Sun/Oracle used to publish the bugs fix list for each updates, the codes has many bugs but only few bugs are important that are in your way of running jobs

The Open Source community is alive and good support on the user list

current release are sge6.2u5p3 and GE2011.11p1

This topic is closed for new posts.


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