back to article NZ erupts over Dotcom corruption accusations

As the court cases grind on over Kim Dotcom’s possible extradition and his efforts to regain his computers, New Zealand is now agog at his political donations. Apparently, when the flamboyant wide boy of the downloading business backed his money truck up to the ACT Party (it stands for the Association of Consumers and …


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  1. Tom 35 Silver badge

    political donations

    Only major corporations are allowed to buy politicians, can't have just any run of the mill millionaire doing it.

  2. P. Lee Silver badge

    What? Investing capital to gain residency?

    That's just... that's just...

    Oh wait, that's how its supposed to work. You have to gain a stake in the country and contribute something of value before they let you stay. Much like many other countries.

    And funding fireworks! Oh, the horror! Its a good job that doesn't happen in the US, I mean, if Macy's were to sponsor a parade or something, that would just be outrageous. Corruption through and through!

    I think the final straw is the discounted hotel room. Is there no end to this man's evil?

    Cue influx of cash from the US to help "harmonise" NZ's legal situation.

  3. Tony Reeves 1

    Not NZ Erupts

    Rather bored NZ media erupts. As ACT returned around the margin of error in the last election there are few people in NZ who really care.

    1. elderlybloke

      Re: Not NZ Erupts

      Your right - I had to read this Register item to learn about it.

      Nothing new about ACT being greedy and corrupt.

  4. Jack Prichard

    Dotcom bubble bursts, Banks fail.

    Enough said

  5. HamishNZ

    The scandal is not that ACT accepted money from Kim Dotcom, but that John Banks (ACT's single MP) is alleged to have requested the donation be split to make it easier for them to claim it was made anonymously - a clear breach of the electoral law and an imprisonable offence.

  6. F. White
    Black Helicopters

    Act living down to it's name.

    ACT to many New Zealanders stands for the Association of Crooks and Thieves. Happily they are living down to this epithet.

  7. Latent

    Correction: Nothing to do with ACT party

    The Donations were for when Banks ran for Mayor of Auckland which was before he joined the ACT party. So most of your references to ACT are misplaced sorry.

    Brief history of his history:

    National Party MP 1981-1999

    Mayor of Auckland 2001-2004, and 2007-2010

    Ran for Auckland's new super city Mayor in 2010 (donations for this) but lost

    Joined Act and elected as an ACT MP 2011-Now

  8. Pete 8

    One finds this in the Antipodes...

    One might suggest a new domain for the website:

    How about a Public Private Partnership Publicly Policing Public Police's Private Piracy Policing Policy? ©2012 ARG Metaforia

  9. Spud2go


    Actually, No - It's merely another national media feeding frenzy that adds little value to your average New Zealanders daily life - move on.

  10. Muscleguy Silver badge

    Investment Fail

    The 'invest and stay' thing has been in place for some years. It was first put in place to lure nervous Hong Kong Chinese during the handover to China. Many of whom have apparently gone back to China after things have not gone pear shaped (for the rich, anyway). If you have a spare NZD10m you too can gain permanent residency status. Citizenship however has different criteria. But Dotcom did not preferential treatment unavailable to any passing millionaire. I understand for eg that Shania Twain who bought a property near Wanaka got in by that route.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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