back to article Aus lags in cloud wave

Cloud computing could be the life line for dwindling ICT expenditure at the top end of town, according to a new report from KPMG. The study, titled Modelling the Economic Impact of Cloud Computing, found that ICT capital and operating expenditure is expected to significantly reduce over the next ten years, based on studies …


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If there ever was a use for 'No shit, sherlock' this is it.

What Australia lagging in uptake of cloud-based services? Who woulda thunk it?

Maybe the lack of decent broadband connections? Perhaps? Maybe? Do ya think?

Well, at least we won't have to worry about it once the Liberals get in - we'll be back to the good old bush telegraph just like maw and paw had back on the sheep station!

Austfailia - what's that smell? You're standing in it!

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Substitute "wave" for "fad" and you'd be getting somewhere...

Australian businesses are flocking to co-lo and internal clouds (private clouds, whatever).

We're just not as convinced about "The Cloud" since our privacy laws don't count for squat in the US (or the US chooses to ignore them), the international transit links are congested during peak time, and many cloud providers are still completely rejigging their systems in the background (not just OS wise, but management systems).

You guys flail about a bit longer and once you know what you're doing, we'll see how it goes...

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You want aussies business in "the cloud"

Fix up;

Trans pacific links

Crap US privacy laws

Then we might talk

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Clouds reduce opex by 25% and capex by 50%? Pull the other one, it has corks on.

What is more, the Australian market isn't huge so the need for massive scale is small. Not even the banks run with the redundancy that the larger clouds provide (and cost for). My internet link goes down whenever it rains hard. The traffic lights tend to go out in bad weather too. What makes you think the infrastructure is up for it?

I'd like to know where in the US there is 75% cloud adoption? Are we just talking a vmware license? Amazon? Office365?

Methinks the analysts have just looked around and thought, "who has money to spend? Ah, Australians! Oi, you! Your rubbish 'cos you haven't bought our stuff!"

What I don't understand is that "clouds" are supposed to be location agnostic. Yet, tell a cloud provider you want it all in Australia for legal reasons and they look at you blankly. As far as I'm concerned, if you can't manage it across the pacific links, I'm not using it across the pacific links.

I'm impressed that Ms Campbell managed to say the words, "adopt cloud computing and set a firm foundation" without cracking up. Well done!

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