back to article Yahoo! tacks! two! more! patents! onto! Facebook lawsuit!

Yahoo! has slapped two more patents onto its list of grievances against Facebook in their patent battle, while denying the social network's claims and accusing it of not playing fair. The web firm said in a court filing on Friday that the social network was actually infringing on 12 rather than just 10 of Yahoo!'s patents, and …


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So part of Yahoo's defence against Facebook's counter claims is that you're allowed to infringe on someone else's patents as long as you do so secretly? Even better, it seems that you can then defend yourself against allegations of infringement by asserting that the other party must have stolen your trade secrets in order to know about such infringments?

IANAL (thankfully) but surely saying that you were (or, at least, *may* be) infringing *secretly* isn't really much of a defence?

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I love the fact that one of their arguements is Facebook bought patents just to countersue. Hmm... Well they bought the patents, they now own them so I'm pretty sure they have every right to counter sue.

Bad analogy time. Its like somebody challenges you to a race, they have a ferrari and you have some jellopy. You then turn up to the race in a lambo, totally not fair right?

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We attacked them because we thought they had no patents; but now they bought some to hit us with... No fair!

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