back to article Super Micro grows despite Xeon E5 delay, disk shortages

Motherboard and system maker Super Micro has been anticipating the bump in revenues from Intel's "Sandy Bridge" family of Xeon E5 chips and their related "Romley" server designs for nearly a year, and finally the Romley romp has begun. In the company's third quarter of fiscal 2012 ended in March, revenues rose by 2.5 per cent …


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Good stuff

I've only got good things to say about the Super Micro kit we've bought - and we've bought a lot of it. Our entire render farm consists of 1 and 2U twin nodes (an invention of theirs), and it's reliable, fast and was cheaper than anything of comparible quality. It goes without saying that all our workstation motherboards are Super Micro too. Well, except for our edit suite, which is powered by an HP workstation that's (to my surprise) proved to be very flakey indeed - every time you restart it it's a lottery how much RAM the board will see.

Keep up the good work Super Micro.


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