back to article A history of HUS: HDS's file-development hustle

Hitachi Data Storage's new unified storage – HUS – has had an involved file storage background, according to channel sources. In the post-millennium years, HDS had its AMS2000 (Hitachi model name: DF600F) mid-range block array and Essential NAS (eNAS) filer. Back in 2010/2011, our source says, Hitachi in Japan was going to …


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just a bundle?

So is this HUS just a bundle of an AMS and a bluearc ? Are these HUS back end systems identical to the various AMS2x systems or are they newer/faster/better?

Seems kind of strange to say this but it seems BlueArc still does not support thin provisioning ? I ran a search and it seems the only mention of TP is when using vSphere (and leveraging vSphere's TP), so my question would be to clarify at least thin provisioning integration between the NAS and the SAN and that you could do space reclamation and stuff between the two. It sounds like this won't be possible though.

The BlueArc titan seems overdue for a hardware refresh - the current generation of gear is four years old now. - Mercury is a bit newer though of course a lower tier.

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