back to article Euro Central Bank to tighten grip on web cash security

The European Central Bank (ECB) is consulting on new standards to increase the security of internet payments in the European Union. The draft recommendations (26-page/991KB PDF) incorporate the work of the European Forum on the Security of Retail Payments (SecuRe Pay), which was set up in 2011 to encourage cooperation between …


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Anonymous Coward

Come see the lies inherent in the banking system.

If you can't pay anonymously with it, it's not cash. It's that simple.

The payments industry may dislike fraud collectively, but that hasn't driven them to adopt less horribly broken-as-designed systems in a timely fashion. Why did chip&pin take so long to deploy, and how could it be that a few Cambridge boffins could shoot holes in it in so easily? They were against the best and brightest of that highly-paid breed, banking technologists!

Similarly, why are we still using credit cards, where the pinnacle of security is the addition of three extra digits printed /on the back of the card/? All the "innovation" seems to focus on new ways to part the customer from his money in the name of, well, ease of use I suppose, down to having cards broadcast "im in ur walletz, spendin ur cash". That's internet-age invention for the banking system.

And what is the ECB proposing to do about it? Lock down the client's identity, forwards, backwards, sideways. Overlook that keeping sensitive information is itself a liability. Formalise blaming the merchant. For that's what visa and mastercard already did: Anything goes wrong, reverse the transaction and leave the merchant without product and without payment. How is that an incentive for the payment processors to do better?

Look, you. If you'd wanted to be part of the solution you'd at least tried to figure out how to do electronic payments safely and securely and anonymously both. Fix that, and you needn't protect the system by making the customer or the merchant suffer. That's what you promised to do in the first place, only you're not living up to it. Nice to see the ECB backing this cartel of, oh hey, American-owned large companies.

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