back to article Ex-army bloke, 2 other bods cuffed after News Corp tip-off

Three more suspects were arrested this morning by officers investigating allegations of illegal payments to police and public officials in relation to the phone hacking scandal at News International. Scotland Yard cops are currently searching two addresses in Lancashire and Kent. The Met said in a statement that a 36-year-old …


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Have I Got This Right?

Murdoch is shopping his partners-in-crime in order to avoid charges for initiating the said crimes?!

Is he really going to get away with this?!


Re: Have I Got This Right?

More like throwing some minor lackeys to the pursuing pack of wolves. Hopefully this will have the unintended consequence of showing current and former employees and associates exactly how much loyalty they can expect from Newscorp. I look forward to a spate of suspects turning witness in an effort not to be left holding the bag when the music stops.


Almost certainly the great Australian/American patriot will.

Although I did feel sorry for the poor, frail old man that sat in front of the Commission - glad to see his rising, Ernest Saunders-like, from whatever was ailing him.

Hopefully he will have got his memory back.


>led to the closure of 168-year-old Sunday tabloid News of the World last summer

And the (obviously accidental) virtually immediate opening of the Sun on Sunday.

I doubt the frail old man is that frail either, he is the person ultimately responsible for the behaviour of the NI empire, including the ethical behaviour.

The acceptance of phone 'hacking' as a legitimate means of getting information is not something that happened overnight, and in order for the practice to have continued the organisation as a whole must operate in a disreputable way.

Everyone there obviously accepted it.



Never Mind

There's a pretty good chance the US will get him for corrupt practices over here, and he is a US citizen, under their corporate laws, that's what really scares family Murdoch.

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