back to article Intel boss turns earnings call into iPhone flirt fest

Intel boss Paul Otellini used its Q1 earnings call today to continue the chip giant's flirty pitch to build chips for Apple's iOS devices. The vendor flagged up the launch of the first Intel-based smartphone, which is expected as early as next week. However, Otellini also used its briefing with analysts to make a public pitch …


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Please focus on Windows 8 Phones

Not Windows Phone 8, but Windows 8 phones. I want an x86 telephone running full Windows 8 with a UI to make phone calls from. Make it slim and trim with a high resolution screen. Make sure it has Intel WiDi so I can wirelessly connect a screen, keyboard, mouse and network connection. Make it so that I can charge it wirelessly using a charging pad located in my desk chair and car seat.

This supreme device of the universe would let me carry my PC with me everywhere and would make it so I wouldn't even need to remove it from my pocket at work. With a bluetooth wireless headset, I can even use it as a phone at my desk.

I have a Samsung Series 7 Slate with Windows 8 CP which I'm absolutely in love with, make a phone version of it and I'll be in paradise.

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Re: Please focus on Windows 8 Phones

And I want the moon on a stick.

Come to think of it that's probably more practical, as it wouldn't require a battery-on-wheels in tow and a heatsink the size of a soup plate attached to it.

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