back to article How far can you shift the shape of cloud software?

Deep in the bowels of the EU academics, businesspeople and bureaucrats are putting the finishing touches to a set of specifications that could change the way we handle software as a service (SaaS). Logo for CAST research project The €1.08m CAST project, funded by an EC program called Eurostars, was created to develop a …


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Anonymous Coward

Now for a question

Is reading forecasts with numbers given far more precisely than they can possibly be accurate (really, take the numbers given and check whether reality will fall in the implied interval in the given time) about what everybody else says they might do, a good basis to make decisions on where to take your own shop? If not, does that imply reading this was a complete waste of time? If not, why not? Please explain.

The alternative is then of course to ask what would be a useful article to help you in your PHB decisions, maybe even stump the pointy a bit. Possibly.

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