back to article ICANN flubs new domain deadline after site snafu

ICANN has extended the deadline for companies to apply for new generic top-level domains after "unusual behaviour" forced it to shut down its online application system. Just 12 hours before the 2359 UTC filing deadline last night, ICANN took its TLD Application System offline, saying it needed time to repair an unspecified …


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Anonymous Coward

Let's face it...

... they just wanted the opportunity to screw even more money from the punters to fund the ICANN Board's Jet Set lifestyles.


who are these clowns?

> Applicants speaking to El Reg today reported that the system was running more slowly than usual after it returned from scheduled maintenance last night.


Nobody ever does scheduled maintenance on a critical system while it's live. Or the day before a major deadline. Unless you're ICANN and fundamentals of system operations don't apply to you. Why did these fuckwits do that? Is there anyone working there who has a clue about how to run important systems or services?

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