back to article Yahoo! pleads! for! ad! juice! as! products! guru! exits!

Yahoo!'s latest broom, Scott Thompson, is trying to fix the company's ailing business by giving the Purple Palace yet another revamp. This means that people need to be axed, products need to be sharpened or dumped and various execs are suddenly vanishing. All of those moves happened under Thompson's predecessor Carol Bartz, …


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Deck chairs and Titanic anyone?

I still like Yahoo email and its a shame to see the once mighty failling/failing so badly.

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Dead Man Walking

Unfortunately Yahoo's fate was sealed many years ago when it failed to maintain its hold as the portal of choice in the face of Google.

It turns out that people dont want Portals - they want basic search (google) or a semi-cozy environment to interact with their friends (Facebook). Since Yahoo do/did neither well they are doomed.

Now if they had attempted to monetise Hadoop - it may have failed, but it may have gained a revenue stream.

Infact if I was google I would be looking at Yahoo rather nervously right now. Their fates could be the same over the long term - stuck in a (profitable for now) rut - but unable to innovate out of it. Before you say it - Android is just a method of generating more input to that rut.

The next decade will be interesting to say the least.

1. Yahoo dies.

2. Web 2.0 bubble implodes - taking out most Secondary and Lower tier players.

3. Microsoft nosedives further.

4. Oracle's Hardware business finally gives up the ghost and is limited to appliances for pure Oracle stacks.

5. Big Data saves us all or implodes.

6. Google fails to re-invent itself for the 2020's again and again. (but rakes it in in the medium term).


Back to the beginning?

Who is going to take them seriously with a name like Yahoo!!. Actually - is there a 'ministry of stupid names' pumping this shit oot? At least some people earned a living for a while hopefully


Its karma for screwing with geocities.

pint raised to all those early WWW visionaries that geocities empowered. *cough*


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How much of Yahoo is email? How much email is spam?

If Yahoo wanted to survive, they would protect their main asset. I think it's email, but spam is NOT an asset. Therefore if Yahoo wants to survive, they should get serious about breaking the spammers. No, you can't exterminate them, but you can destroy their business models until they crawl under other rocks.

How about a REAL anti-spam system built into Yahoo email? Imagine something like SpamCop on steroids. Instead of one round of analysis and confirmation going after the ISP and the webhosts, it should have several rounds of increasingly sophisticated countermeasures targeting ALL of the spammers' accomplices and ALL of the spammers' infrastructure and thinking about ALL of the spammers' victims. Yahoo could try to break EVERY part of the spammers' business model.

Wouldn't you volunteer a bit of your time to help out? Though it's still fine if you don't want to, because there are LOTS of people who hate spam. If only a small fraction of the spam haters had better spam-fighting tools, they would vastly outnumber the spammers' victims.

Come on Yahoo. Are you ready to think about surviving yet?

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