back to article Shock jocks take NBNCo cash, then trash its ads

NBNCo's plans to win over the hearts and minds of middle Australia have taken a hit, after two prominent radio announcers editorialised before reading paid ads which explained the company's role as a wholesaler. Fairfax media reports Ray Hadley and Andrew Moore both prefaced paid ads with their opinions that the NBN is a waste …


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  1. Ketlan
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    Could be a whole new form of advertising. 'Sainsco Supercheap baked beans are shit' immediately followed by an ad for them. I reckon this could catch on. And what about editorialising before ads for TalkTalk? Think of the fun you could have with that!

  2. mathew42

    3 year plan will take 4.5 years to connect 3.5 million premises

    These adverts are to promote the 3 year plan which covers 3.5 million premises. The reality is that NBNCo include any premise for which detailed design will start in the next 3.5 years. Hoopers Crossing, VIC and Weston, ACT) are examples where detailed design doesn't start until September 2015. NBNCo take on average 12 months to connect a premise once detailed design starts.

    The NBNCo Corporate Plan predicts a peak rollout of 6000 premises a day with 250 working days in a year on page 77. This equates to 1.5M premises passed a year. The rollout contains every fibre premise for which work will start by June 2015 and at least some where work starts in Sep 2015. If we assume that NBNCo will reach the peak rollout speed by June 2015, then this equates to 1.5M premises currently in the plan being passed after June 2015. Only 2 million premises will be passed by June 2015. This is a much smaller number than the 3.5 million headline.

    Unfortunately this is spin like the Stage 2 Maps published in June 2010, prior to the last Federal Election some areas that were to be covered under those maps are still missing from the current rollout, so are unlikely to see services until 2017.

  3. Winkypop Silver badge

    AM radio still exists?

    People who listen to shock-jocks on AM radio also still exist?

    Who knew?

    1. Killraven

      Re: AM radio still exists?

      How about that? Some people actually care to find out what's happening in their local area and perhaps get a bit of national news. Generally on the way to work, or while at work. A lot of locals have a radio station broadcasting at the same dial position (flashback: not digital) in both AM & FM as well.

      Really, it can be quite astounding how many people listen to radio for news, rather than music.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: AM radio still exists?

      Oi! Darn ere' it duz! Wod elz r boguns gunnar lissun 2?

      Blardy pommie wog!

      1. Michael Xion
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        Re: AM radio still exists?

        Wtf. Is that supposed to be an oz accent. Sound more Wes country to me.

  4. Wombling_Free

    And it's here, on the AM waveband...

    [put your Sir David Attenborough voice on]

    ...that we find one of nature's most deadly creatures. Secure in it's small, dimly-lit studio the Australian Radio Personality fires millions of poisonous barbs into the airwaves, completely unseen by it's victims. It feeds on a steady stream of cash that flows to it from advertisers and what are termed 'mates' in the nations government. No female of the species has ever been spotted, though there are stories amongst the natives of Sydney that the call of a female can be heard in the early mornings. The Australian Radio Personality, or 'maaaayte' as it is called by the natives, shares a symbiotic relationship with another dangerous Australian species - the Bogan.

    The Bogan is a unique creature in that it's entire set of senses, indeed it's very thought processes are actually supplied by the Australian Radio Personality. The Bogan by itself has no intellect or thought processes whatsoever, and if it fails to hear the ARP every morning the Bogan cannot do something as basic as get out of bed to feed itself or it's young. If left too long, say for 6 hours or so, the Bogan is in great danger of starting to think for itself; tragically this is almost always immediately fatal. Luckily for the Bogan, the call of the ARP is very loud, and is frequently mixed with the enticing calls of other creatures such as the Fuudy, the Criggit and the Orse.

    Unfortunately this means that any creature actually wanting to have new ideas or think for itself in Australia must either permanently wear industrial ear protection or move to another continent entirely - which is often the best solution.

  5. Dave Perry

    Radio professional here

    If they were my presenters, I'd be contemplating disciplinary proceedings for that - the public response of 2GB is diplomatic. There's saying "my personal preference would not be to go for this service", and then there's saying "this service is a waste of money". Might have to ask some of my peers how they'd deal with it

  6. Spotswood

    Discipline required

    Clearly these fools are not smart enough to know they should not bite the hand that feeds them. I think a public apology is more appropriate, in the same segment they first spouted their own rubbish.

    Bring on the NBN, I know a few people who are using it now, and they are in 'Internet Utopia' and I quote.

    1. Invidious Aardvark

      Re: Discipline required

      Perhaps the station/advertiser should have checked whether they were pro or anti before getting them to read out (and thus sound like they were endorsing) some corporate message? I know the average shock jock isn't exactly the kind of person I'd ever want to meet, talk to, or take advice from, but they are still entitled to their opinions and getting them to "endorse" something with which they disagree is hardly fair.

      You seem to be saying that if money is involved, personal opinions should be ignored and people should tow the line. Doing so would make these shock jocks corporate shills, which is a far worse state of affairs to my mind.

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