back to article RIM begs app devs to fish it out of BlackBerry jam

RIM's app-makers will be treated to an "unconference" at their yearly "BlackBerry Jam" held in Orlando, Florida, between 1 and 3 May. The third day of the 10th developer bash will ditch normal conventions and put the agenda to a vote in a "participant-driven" attempt to generate great new ideas - or so the announcement on the …


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How's about this for an idea?

Drop BB development and work on android instead. It's a much bigger market, and your apps will run on BB10 anyway because they're building in android support.

I suspect android support is going to be a huge own-goal... but then predicting that something RIM are doing is going to be an own-goal isn't exactly challenging these days is it?

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Quick help them out or they will fail.

Actually it a bit late for that I think.

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It's not working...

I got an email from Opera, asking for permission for them to decompile my APK's on the android marketplace and recompile them for Blackberry.

I did not grant them permission (as much as I love Opera's products), simply because RIM is already dead.


We, at Handster (a division of Opera Software), recently partnered with RIM on providing Android apps to run on BlackBerry PlayBook devices.

The partnership was announced in December last year and you must have read our email notifying you about this.

As part of the partnership, Handster is handling the conversion of Android apps to PlayBook executable apps and also the re-testing of those apps on PlayBook devices.

If an app passes the re-tesing, it is submitted to BlackBerry App World for distribution to the PlayBook.

Could you please answer the following questions for us:

1. Do you have any objections if Handster submits your apps to BlackBerry App World for BlackBerry PlayBook devices?

2. Do you have any new Android apps that you'd like to publish on BlackBerry App World? If yes, please let us know about it.

This is a great opportunity to reach a new distribution channel, without the extra development work on re-implementing apps for the PlayBook BlackBerry platform.

If you have any objections to publishing your apps on Playbooks BlackBerry App World, please let us know asap.

Otherwise, we will go ahead and make submissions on your behalf.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,



"the 10th developer bash..."

Blackberry has ten developers now?

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The great smell of desperation

now available in conference form

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Here is an idea

Dear RIM,

have a online form that is simple were people who can't code but have great idea's can submit an idea to you. If you like it then You do the application in-house, you then offer the application on a 50/50 split deal, or offer it were you take 70% and user gets 30%, until the cost to write the app is recovered and then it goes 70% to the user and 30 to RIM. Bottom line this negates trying to chase dev houses to code for a platform that has no epic applications. you gain the option to get that next big idea to market as the next big idea comes from some old granny who has no idea how to code, only has great idea's. Bottom line, what can you lose and yes even factoring in have a small farm of application dev's coding for a platform you have totaly control and understanding of. Well they would still work out cheaper than any of the hairbrain marketing schemes out there and would also garner you some free positive PR that has the ability to repeat once yoru first application from granny smith hits the market.

You want to have business apllicaitons, business people know what they want but have no idea or the time to write the application. Meet them in the middle and stop wasting time on silly PR events that backfire every time.

Also looking at your job listing I'd say it smells like you had some security breach and are trying to raise the level of carpets. Be careful going down that route as there are laws about making these things know and the like. Was the outage involving so called routers failing including failover the whole story from last year? As if it's not then nobody recuits that many new feild staff for security in area's were you should of already had staff and at a time when your reducing head count. Why the change of pace in that area now and with some many positions I have to wonder. Especialy as that outage last year realy did not smell right for being a router fail-over, just took way tooo long to sort. I know how quickly CISCO can fly in kit if none in the country, which would be supprising in itself. So I'm not convinced more bad news is not on the horizons. But at least if your OS is so easy to code for, do it yourself and invite idea's from your customers, be nice to ask them woudn't it. Be even better if you got them to tell you. Run some competitions, just avoid anything that involves drinks. Be it exec's on a plan or hoof in a nightclub. It don't work out.

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