back to article Linux boss: We're number one where it counts

At the start of the 6th annual Linux Foundation's Collaboration Summit, chief executive Jim Zemlin is in buoyant mood. Attendance has never been better, open source code is becoming more popular in new areas of the industry, and Linux is number one in all the sectors that count. "We want to continue our trajectory in every …


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Then this is it:

"The wider problem with patents is – and it's a problem the software industry as a whole faces, open or closed, is that there are a lot of crappy patents out there,"


google will take linux "to the desktop", corporate and otherwise. we know what google is, we know what linux is, it just remains to be seen what will be (re)defined as the desktop in our near future.

that said, i'm happy with my "traditional desktop on a laptop" :) but i'm afraid the future will bring changes.

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I don't think you have to worry about Linux taking over the desktop anytime soon. If that was going to happen it would have happened while everyone was busy complaining about Windows Vista. Basically unless Microsoft releases two OSes that crappy in a row, or worse releases one and lets it stagnate for as long as XP did, Linux is in no danger of becoming the dominant OS in the PC arena.

Not that it matters. Linux already runs everything from TVs to Web servers.

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