back to article General Dynamics, HP fluff up $249.8m Army cloud

The US Army has signed a $249.8m deal with primary contractor General Dynamics to manage the creation of something called APC2, and, no it's not a new armored personnel carrier, but rather the next-generation Army Private Cloud. (Sir!) The contract, which covers the next five years, is what is called an "indefinite delivery, …


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    You want to reduce your cost by outsourcing to a third party that is in the business to make money by agreeing contract terms with an "indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity".

    Me thinks this will not end well.

    1. h 6

      Re: Huh?

      You forgot to say, "Sir!"


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    3. zen1

      Re: Huh?

      GD outsources most of their internal IT to CSC... Talk about a match made in hell...

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