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On April 17th at 10:00 BST, we’ve got a live broadcast featuring a service management workshop. Organisations are often told that running their IT as a service is the right thing to do, but how realistic is this and what does it mean in practice? How exactly do service providers operate, and how do their best practices map to …


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Best Practices? How I laughed.

Even cynics need a pint once and while.

Anonymous Coward

Hey now...

I know what you mean, but not all of us service guys are hacks.

When you have, for example, 200 Exchange SMEs across the globe supporting 100s of different clients there are definitely lessons learned that should be shared so you don't have the same problem over and over again. Not all service shops do it of course...

Personally, I prefer calling them lessons learned but "best practice" is more PR friendly.


Re: Hey now...

If there is any MSP that actually adheres to Best Practices throughout a complete lifecycle I will eat my touchpad.

The amount of times where I have had to explain why vendor best practices need to be followed and understood to a bunch of glassy eyed execs...too many times. Believe practices are great and are invaluable.

But I have rarely seen any kind of shop do it properly because they 'delay' the project ...sorry...billing.

So short term thinking wins out again.


Pint to toast all of us in the trenches who know how to do things properly.

Anonymous Coward


"...our goal is to offer some real world advice on how to best manage your internal customers using process and policy, technology and automation."

I'm an experienced IT professional so I already know how to do that.

The last three workshop/bootcamp/university/rollout sessions that I attended promised the same thing, then spent all day trying to convince me that no one is capable of supporting a network except their cloudy partners. Workshop indeed.


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This topic is closed for new posts.


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