back to article Microsoft says scale-out storage not needed for big data

Infrastructure vendors’ vision of big data rigs based on scale-out NAS won’t come to fruition, according to the Microsoft executive heading the company’s big data push for SQL Server 2012. David Campbell, a Microsoft Technical Fellow in the Data & Storage Platform Group claims personal responsibility for Microsoft’s adoption …


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Course you don't.

640K is all you'll ever need.

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turning data into something the average executive can understand

Just run the printouts through a shredder, boil it up and call it oatmeal.


Fluent in Excel

Yes, writing our "big data" apps in Excel is a terrific idea. Proprietary, unreadable, very difficult to debug, unmaintainable ... it's nearly the perfect language. And the list of Excel-based disasters in finance, genomics, etc shows just how well it does in practice.

Having those apps written by new grads with little or no real-world experience will make it even better. (My assumption is that most of the ones who do have experience, thanks to co-op programs, internships, and the like, will get better jobs.)

We'd be better off with FORTRAN '77. Hell, we'd be better off if these SQL-Server-based visualization apps were written purely in T-SQL.

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