back to article Intel: Xeon E5s to surf impending server upgrade wave

You could say that Diane Bryant, the new general manager of Intel's Data Center and Connected Systems group, which makes server, storage, and networking chips and the platforms that employ them, was lucky in that she took over the job just as the chip giant was getting ready to launch its Xeon E5-2600 workhorse processors for …


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Anonymous Coward

Run at 4 socket server with 2 CPU's and upgrade to 4 later?

That is stupid, or she is.

Why pay retail for a CPU when the OEM is giving it away at OEM pricing on new hardware? I would say you can do that with RAM and use OEM RAM after a year but CPU's hold their value and price unless they are 4 years old.

I have looked and for the data center it is still AMD, lower power, more cores and faster memory interconnect. VMware is the killer app for the SMB data center and that is an AMD solution.

Why is it that Google, AMD and Amazon have these cool OSes that scale and the rest of us schmucks get Windows dumped on us? Is intel using the VAX Mainframe code ported to Intel???


what makes you think they pay retail?

If they're a big enough account they may be able to get OEM pricing on cpus later as well...

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