back to article Microsoft partner centre: X-IO storage bricks really stack up

The Microsoft Partner Solutions Center is raving about X-IO's ISE storage brick performance, saying it outperformed all other storage systems that the centre has tested over the past three years. The centre found: In a joint test with the Redknee telecom application and Microsoft SQL Server, X-IO’s ISE (Intelligent Storage …


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10 hours to 10 minutes?

One of my friends at Vertica said their product (w/o tuning and on lesser hardware than the customer had on their production system) took one of their most expensive reporting queries from 24 hours to 9 seconds.

I'm sure most will say hard to believe or not possible but it's pretty amazing.

had to mention it since the article mentioned 'reporting'.

I came across the MS stuff on XIO's website recently it for sure sounds impressive, they seem to be getting close to Redmond, I noticed their volume/node spanning feature only supports windows.

Still kind of disappointed as to the lack of port density on those XIO boxes, only FC, no iSCSI and only 2 ports(if I remember right). I certainly like FC more than iSCSI but iSCSI does offer some nice flexibility, so it's nice to have both available.


Re: 10 hours to 10 minutes?

Nate. With regards to port density, I fear you may be looking at older models.

The current ISE boxes, in fact the ones used by Microsoft, have 8 x 8Gb FC ports rather than just 2. X-IO currently use FC rather than iSCSI due to the predictable performance provided by FC (I'm guessing this is why you like it more). Obviously as Ethernet based technologies mature then the modular architecture of ISE lends itself to any appropriate additions to connectivity.

You're correct that X-Volume does indeed only support Windows. This is becuase it's designed to be complimentary to Windows but fill some gaps in the current Windows LVM line-up. Again, as things change this can be reviewed, especially after Windows Server 8 comes to market. May other OS's and Hypervisors are supported but don't need this additional layer in order to take advantage of the modular growth of ISE units.

Glad you feel the Microsoft numbers are impressive, there's definitely more to come, thanks for responding.

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