back to article Ofcom puts UK VoD regulator up for review

Video on Demand regulator ATVOD has completed its two-year run, and Ofcom wants to know if people think the regulatory split is working, and if it's going to work in future. Ofcom hived off regulation for internet video to The Authority for Television On Demand (ATVOD) in 2010, separating VoD services from broadcast services, …


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Making money

"and pay around £10,000 annually to cover the administration costs (ATVOD isn't supposed to make money). "

So, er, if the administration costs end up less than £10K per provider do they

a) Refund the difference, and reduce the annual cost.

b) Spend more on crap to ensure they have a nice budget next year.

Answers on a postcard to...


Er - obviously I am missing something

But if the internet is near impossible to regulate, what is this organisation actually doing?

I don't seem to see any consistency with VoD or IPTV (even the names are not regulated) - so it seems to be there is no regulation.

So are they doing anything or have I missed something?

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