back to article Worst movie poll screening delayed 7 days

We've been obliged to postpone our promised poll of the worst film ever until next Friday due to a stampede of nominations. Thanks to everyone who offered their suggestion as to what constitutes the most heinous crime against the filmmaker's art, and we're still working our way through the mountain of celluloid shame. One …


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  1. Audrey S. Thackeray

    Half a bottle?

    Barely counts as downing.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    This would make a great art film:

    "It's just as well I avoided the full-fat experience because after about a minute of Tommy Wiseau, I got up from my desk, walked to the drinks cabinet, downed half a bottle of brandy in one and locked myself in a darkened room for two hours."

  3. Christopher Rogers

    Now that is pisspoor acting. Like a Jedward production.

  4. That Steve Guy

    I bet

    The front runners are bound to be Battlefield Earth and Highlander 2, they just got so many nominations!

  5. ShelLuser

    I understand the postponing

    The horror... The sheer horror of checking all those movies I tell you, it is too much!

    Feel free to admit it El Reg; you took on something too horrible than you imagined.

    1. TechnicalBen Silver badge

      Re: I understand the postponing

      Hopefully something will happen before next week to save us from the dread of those films...

      ... Like the end of the universe. :P

  6. Tom 38 Silver badge

    The Room

    The best place to watch it is at the Prince Charles.

    God bless the Prince Charles Cinema, and don't forget your spoons!

  7. Tom 7 Silver badge

    Surely an IT journal

    would have the wit to use software to help?

    Well 'modern' software late 1980's would have helped.

  8. Greg J Preece

    Oh hi, Lewis! Why don't you want to do my movie? It's real good, huh! Why don't you like it? Don't you know anything about life? You're tearing me apart, Lewis!

    Come on guys, let's go home, huh.

    1. Nexox Enigma


      The "Oh Hiiiiii" thing caught on around the office and stuck... Really hits a nerve in the pre-coffee morning times. I had an opportunity to see it live, with Tommy in attendance, but then that life stuff got in the way and I did not get to experience the awesomeness. Too bad, because I'm pretty damned good at extremely-short-range football tossing, especially in formal clothes.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'm tempted to submit this gem of a turd -

  10. Graham Bartlett

    I nominated Green Lantern. But I admit, in the face of The Room I'm onto a loser. Like a comment on that Youtube clip said, it's like a porno without the porn.

  11. Anonymous Coward
  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Please include...

    ...any movies with Saturday Night Line alums int the lead from 1990's - 2000's

    1. Daniel B.

      Re: Please include...

      I already submitted Pootie Tang, which I hope doesn't cause brain damage on our reviewers.

  13. ScissorHands

    I nominate "Goodbye Twentieth Century"

    Check out the Brows Held High roasting:

  14. TheRealRoland

    hive mind movie selection?

    >It's just as well I avoided the full-fat experience

    But then you're watching movies like others are listening to music - 'here is more music others like you listen to'!

    Have you ever considered that there might be gems of action, story and acting hidden in the other hour or so of this movie?

    These pieces may have been utter badness, but how can you vote for this as 'the worst movie' when you haven't watched the full movie?

    Oh, the humanity! Will someone think of the children!

  15. Christian Berger Silver badge

    Can't you just....

    can't you just punch a punchcard for each one of the suggestions, giving it a number. Then you use a tabulator for tabulate those cards.

    You set up a mailbox in your headquarters, and let people send in punch-cards with the number of the movie they want to vote for. You then sort them, and count the number of cards per movie, punching out a new card for each movie. Those cards can then be sorted and tabulated, and there you go.

  16. Peter Gordon



    I attempted knocking myself off after watching this one:

    Watch the trailer, you will understand.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Why not the Vodka/Scotch mix instead of brandy?

    You'll have so much fun you'll wrap your tie around your forehead

  19. Alex Prior

    Late edition

    I cannot believe that nobody nominated Beneath The Planet of the Apes? A big budget blockbuster with every department contributing to an expensive wreck.

  20. Big_Boomer

    Be VERY careful what film you nominate

    The wrong film played on an iPhone or iPad could cause untold damage.

    Charles Stross knows what I'm on about.

    Some of the films nominated can suck out your soul, then pickle, bottle, and sell it to an unsuspecting housewife as Soul Chutney.

  21. James Hughes 1

    My vote goes to this

    Utterly terrible. I'm embarrassed to say I've seen it (well, most of it - think I gave up in the end because it was so unutterably shite.

  22. Sarah Davis

    that really is quite quite dreadful

    here's someones response -

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