back to article TPG surges, plots IPTV future

TPG, fast becoming the standard-bearer of Australia’s “tier two” ISPs, has announced a 17 percent lift in EBITDA to $AU131.9 million and is preparing to follow iiNet into the IPTV set-top-box market. The company also announced a reorganization under which the TPG brand will focus on consumer and SME products, while the PIPE …


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Boomerang TV

This isn't TPG's first foray into TV. Once upon a time TPG launched Boomerang TV ( ) which was spectacular mess.

Boomerang TV ended with (as one insider put it) "a death of a thousand cuts", as a vicious circle of insufficient bandwidth, poor quality content, and low take-up contrived to push TPG to pull the plug on the venture.

Whirlpool forums ( ) refer to another TPG IPTV push in 2006.

This is another attempt, in a long line of attempts, to get a viable TV service on TPG. Apparently David Teoh is a frustrated Rupert Murdoch ;-)

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