back to article QLD flood report calls for emergency services broadband network

The Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry’s Final Report calls for the creation of a dedicated wireless broadband network for the emergency services. The report finds that says black spots for the analogue radios used by Queensland emergency services at the time of the floods were “inevitable”, before going on to endorse …


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Anonymous Coward

Sewer cleaning

"With modern technologies, Brisbane City Council is presently able to inspect approximately 80 kilometres of stormwater pipes every year, which means that on average the entire system will be inspected once every 30 to 40 years.”

Or more accurately, some stormwater pipes will be inspected every 5-10 years and the vast majority will never be looked at.

At current rates of housing development I'd be surprised if there was less than 80km of new stormwater pipes laid every year.


The report says ... DOH!

A typical cover the backside report - telling insurers (and everybody else) that they must do better next time.

Pray tell, how is a digital broadband network going to keep operating when an area is entirely flooded? When power has to be cut off, the network will be bereft of electrons to push around.

Yes, other parts of a city will be OK, but all this huffing and puffing about improving the infrastructure is all fine in theory - but how will it cope in practice?

And I notice that Big Brother is being told to gather and store more data. Yeah, right!

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